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Width x Bellows x Length

  • 11x5x11
  • 12×4.3×17
  • 10×5.3×25
  • 14x7x17
  • 21x8x26
  • 23x9x30


You can get an offer from us by filling out the form for different design, size and quantity requests.


Our cardboard bags, produced using durable and high-quality American Bristol cardboard, offer customers a stylish appearance with various color and pattern options.


It helps you make a positive impression in the eyes of customers by creating a professional image. In addition to carrying your products, each bag attracts the attention of your customers by reflecting the style and quality of your brand. Our cardboard bags, which come in a variety of design and color options, are an ideal solution to increase your brand awareness and offer an impressive sales experience.



Black Cardboard Bag

The shipping, price and discount rates of the product vary depending on your order quantity.
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