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Width x Bellows x Length

  • 11x5x11
  • 12×4.3×17
  • 10×5.3×25
  • 14x7x17
  • 21x8x26
  • 23x9x30


You can get an offer from us by filling out the form for different design, size and quantity requests.




Our cardboard bags are carefully produced using durable and high-quality American Bristol cardboard. We work with an expert team to maximize print quality and print with vibrant colours. You can personalize your bags by adding special applications such as shiny lacquer, embossed embossed or patterned grain.


Logo cardboard bags are a powerful tool for brand promotion as they carry your company's logo. When customers carry their bags, it increases the visibility of your brand and makes more people notice your brand. We offer you customized solutions with our various design and application options to reflect a professional and attractive image of your company.

Offset Logo Printed Cardboard Bag

The shipping, price and discount rates of the product vary depending on your order quantity.
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